Never Confuse a Memo with Reality by Richard A. Moran

An important person from an organization recently gave me a book titled Never Confuse a Memo with Reality by Richard A. Moran. It is not a thick book with fancy cover page that’s august enough nor Instagram worthy for your daily feed update. It’s a mere book filled with more than 300 bullet points of biting-bitter-truth on how you should have behaved or presented yourself in an organization and all that you actually didn’t do (because school or university does not teach you that. Never!). For me, it was a game changer. I wish someone gave me this book long before I entered career world.

Here are some guerdon nuggets:

  1. Be nice to receptionists – they can help you. If they don’t like you, they can hurt you.
  2. Never let your guard down around superiors – even when travelling or socializing.
  3. Never take a problem to your boss without some solutions. You are getting paid to think, not whine. **this is very crucial**
  4. Brag about someone to another person; that someone is bound to find out. ** this is my personal favorite and wish humans will learn this**
  5. Learn to operate the photocopy machine, the desk telephone and scanners quickly. **no one is ever gonna teach you that**
  6. Treat your time as if someone is paying for it – someone is.
  7. Keep track of what you do – someone is sure to ask.
  8. If you tell a racist joke, be prepared to be fired.
  9. Never apologize for an idea that didn’t work — but always admit a mistake.
  10. Boil down your job far enough so that you can describe it to anyone easily.
  11. Never underestimate the ability of people to develop strange interpretations of anything you write, say, or do.
  12. Don’t confuse extensive documentation with insight, and don’t confuse spreadsheets with analysis.

     …..and many more witty remarks and practical points that will be an eye-opener for you!

Microsoft Excel: Making Friend Out of a Foe by Mardhini Murugaya

Excel isn’t just a tool for accountants or data analyst anymore. In today’s world of business, Excel is more than just a number-crunching tool for your statistics. Almost every companies, from small medium enterprises to multi-billion organisations and chains, rely on the expertise of workforce in wielding the Spreadsheet.

However, as much as many company blatantly states “Candidate must possess efficient computer skills” in it’s job application requirement, it does not spend a dime on sending it’s employee for a fruitful training. Put more classically, employers sees the expenditure of sending subordinates for specific training as a diminution. As the saying goes, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, very less employer realises that an efficient training makes a skilled employee.

Won’t lie that the complexity and intricacy of Microsoft Excel often terrifies many. Think again. The moment your employer hands you crucial task on Excel and you are unable to solve it, that is when you should be terrified. This mostly discourages individuals from learning further. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Many individuals have gone from featherbrained to mastering the Excel features and interfaces with correct training.

That’s when accredited training & development centres step in for rescue. Such centres do not simply jump into the industry eyeing for profit only. Being responsible for the training & development of individuals from various industry is a truckload of duty. To add in, it takes years sometimes decades to build a reputation and acquire accreditation for IT certificates like Microsoft and Adobe. One such centre is ArcNet Training & Development.

If you have little or no experience with Microsoft Excel, a basic Excel course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to use all features in Excel. You will gain practical skills to use immediately in the workplace. You can learn to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Excel worksheets. At ArcNet Training & Development, the Excel master will share tips that will help you save time and better display your data on screen and in print.

If you read this article to till here, you did great! Now, walk to your manager’s cabin, head held high and let him/her know that you need Excel training. You know who to call thereafter. So, next time he/she asks you to generate your sales annual report, Excel will be your friend and not foe!

The Walk (2015)

Pull up a chair and get a grip. Your palms are about to get sweaty. Here’s a true story of madness but full of believing that swept off the whole America in August 1974. The Walk starred by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Phillipe Petit, the original high-wire artist that walked 140 feet across the World Trade Center’s North Tower and South Tower.

Related image
Narrated by Joseph Gordon, the film opens up with him standing at the torch of Lady Liberty with the World Trade Center (WTC) as the backdrop. He takes you back to Phillipe Petit’s hometown, Nemours, France. That is where he first developed an interest for the high-wire walk. He self-taught him by practising at his lawn and sneaking into the circus at night. He later met Rudy, played by Ben Kingsley, a master of high-wire walk whom he fondly calls Papa Rudy.

Petit came across the picture of World Trade Center twin towers which is still under construction, in a newspaper, while at the dentist. It was an artist’s impressions image. He made it his ambition to perform a wire walk. He also made it a point to perform it without any permit and illegally. He later referred to it as a ‘coup’. This movie comprises the interesting line of plans laid by Petit before the WTC walk and the aftermath.

Related image
The last 30 minutes of the movie really kept me at the edge of my seat. Petit walked 8 times across the WTC twin towers and finished his walk by laying on the wire and later saluted with one knee down. This movie went on to show me that I don’t need a horror movie to make my adrenaline rush and my palms sweaty but just a man walking on a tightwire 1368 feet above the ground (with no safety gears!). Petit later was caught by the authorities for performing this illegal stunt but however, all the charges against him were dropped by the judge and he was free.

Related image


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Personally, I like the values in this movie. “It’s impossible but I’ll do it,” said Petit. And that gave me goosebumps. You don’t have to be rich and college-educated to achieve your dreams. People around you could cripple you with negativity but you just need to have willpower and believe in yourself. It only took Petit 6 years to make his crazy dream come true. His stunt had put WTC on the limelight as initially, they were unpopular. As a token, Petit also received a lifetime free pass to the observation deck of WTC!

If you haven’t watched The Walk yet, what are you doing? It’s on Netflix!

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The real Phillipe Petit, 1974.

10 Things That Happen in Every Family Vacation

1. The hygiene freak

You’ll have one member in the family that is always 5 steps ahead in preparing the sanitizers, wet tissues, face masks and maybe even gloves. This person makes it their utmost duty to make sure all other members are stayed clean from wiping the plane seats and holders, sanitizing hands after going through immigration screening and all that’s there!

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2. The know-it-all-kid

There will always be one person in the family that acts like they know the city that they never visited before. And heated arguments on which direction to follow is an ensured thing.


Image result for know it all kid gif
source: That’s So Jacob

3. The one that always hogs the bathroom

For some reason, the hotel shower is always the BEST! Don’t you agree? Coming out of a hot shower walking into the cold room and snuggling into that comfy comforter…..aaahhhhh simple joys. And for this reason, your siblings and you would argue on wanting to be the last person to shower so you could have the longest shower without anyone knocking the door!

Related image

4. Stocking up on snacks and bottled drinking water

The first day, the first task! This also includes Asian mom’s classic logic, do not drink the water provided in hotels. So you gotta buy a crate of bottled drinking waters from stores.

Related image

5. Coming to a consensus about food!

This is undeniably the obvious reason everyone in the family will have the hardest time ever. Even with the help of Google and apps like Zomato, no one knows what to eat in a new place, where to eat and when finally one comes with a suggestion, the others will start being a rebel. Hours would be wasted on this and this happens every day until the vacation ends. LOL!

Image result for arguing about food gif

6. You’ll start missing the home food!

As easy as ABC. Home food always takes the cake.

Image result for missing mom cooking gif
source: Her Campus

7. Being in the airport 5 hours prior to the flight

Dad’s classic logic! Weeks before the flight, your dad would remind you dozens of times that we have to be at the airport 5 hours before the flight. And I am not joking about my next sentences! If it is a morning flight, he is going to be at the airport the night before. PERIOD.

Related image

8. You discover hidden habits of siblings!

When your brother suddenly starts loud snores and robs your sleep! I mean “when did he inherit this habit from dad?!”

Related image

9. One person becomes the designated administrator.

This person keeps track of the bills, boarding passes, tickets and all. And no, this isn’t the Designated Survivor level job.

Image result for collecting bills gif
source: Best

10. The vacation ends with mom announcing…..

“We’re never doing this again.”

Image result for we are not doing this again gif

The Two Must-Have Photography Team on Your Big Day!


Photography is no more just a business, it’s a passion for many people since many choose to leave their highly paid jobs and to pursue their dreams, which takes them to distant lands, meeting people from different cultures and environments unknown to many people. Patience and hard work – sitting still in the wilderness to get the perfect shot, goes a long way into making professional photographers.

Being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level. This week, I want to introduce you some of the amazing wedding photographers I found (thanks to Instagram!) and their awesome portfolios. And I shall let the photographs to speak for themselves.

Note: All photos used in this article are the property of the respective photographers.


1. EM Photography

EM is run by a Canada-based wedding photographer, Mugunthan Sundaran. The EM team is a dream team and the photographs often proved us right. The photos captured by EM are all heaven-like. From underwater shots to dreamy fairy tale shots, EM and the team passionately capture love in Toronto and around the world. I can’t deny that I stalk their Instagram page till I drool. Really. I particularly love the shots Mugunthan takes of his wife. Mugunthan is certainly one step higher than an Instagram husband! Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling.


OK. I know you are not able to breathe looking at those pictures. Hang on. Here are more of EM’s work!

With over 36k of followers in Instagram, EM shows no sign of quitting. And they better not stop because I am already thinking of having them to capture my love journey (when I meet one)!

Check out more of their amazing photos on the social network handles.

Website –

Instagram – @emphotography_1

Facebook – EM Photography


2. ImpressionsbyAnnuj

“Be still my heart” is what I inevitably say every time I stalk ImpressionbyAnnuj’s Instagram page. Their pictures constantly bring me to tears mainly because like these…..

Alright, wipe that tears rolling down your cheek now. Now!

ImpressionbyAnnuj is run by Annuj Yoganathan, a Toronto-based wedding photographer together with his beautiful wife, Tanya (who is #goals on many levels but that’s another story). Annuj is a multiple-award-winning photographer. From Fearless Photographers to SLR Lounge to being listed twice as one of the Top 30 Under 30 Photographers in Canada by Canada Photo Convention, ImpressionsbyAnnuj has conquered it all.

View this post on Instagram

I love seeing parents smiling and laughing on the day of the wedding! And you can clearly see how happy it makes the bride and groom too. Especially the bride in this photo. But sadly not all Tamil parents emote and publicly display their affection. They hold in their feelings and keep it to themselves thinking that revealing them is a sign of weakness. This is not the case. These emotions are what makes us human. For all those brides and grooms out there, be the one to initiate the connection with your parents on your wedding day. Break through that barrier and you'll see that wall your parents put up crumble and fall because there's no stronger love than a parents love for their child. . CINEMA: @trailsofmemories MUAH: @akmakeup1 . #parents #smile #laugh #love #emotions #tamilparents #parents #gettingready #bridalprep #saree #candid #photojournalism #weddingphotography #torontoweddingphotographer #impressionsbyannuj

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ImpressionsbyAnnuj proved millions of times that if you wanna be in a magazine, don’t bother calling Vogue or Shaadi. Put them on your speed dial and you can get your own ‘September issue’ spread with straight outta magazine photos like these…..

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This is what happens when you have couples that trust in your creativity! The second I saw the train I knew what I was going to do with it. . This image is also a perfect example of knowing what you can create with lighting. This wasn't made with an expensive Profoto B1 or B2 with a huge softbox. It was one single regular Canon flash with a Magmod grid, with an orange CTO gel. The gel made the subjects warm so when I brought down the temperature to adjust their skin tone the scene in turn became cooler, making it look more like night. Giving it that Gotham city look! . P.S. I'm obsessed with batman and so is the bride!!! Which made it even better!!! . MUAH: @imsylvie Dress: @ecboutique1 . #IbAUniversity🎓 #gotham #batman #train #littleblackdress #blackdress #suit #suitandtie #ecboutique1 #fog #lighting #canon #magmod #madewithmagmod #composition #composite #howto #trainyard #traintracks #engagementphotos #weddingphotography #toronto #torontoweddingphotographer #canon5dmarkiii #impressionsbyannuj #tsxwedding

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Manreet and Puneet are getting married this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! You might recognize her as she's one of the sisters of the super talented @canvas_muah! I've shot all their weddings and I literally feel like family! . No off camera lighting or even a reflector were used here in this photo. All I did was expose for the brightest part of the image and made sure all the levels looked right on the histogram and then brightened up the shadows in post! Especially when working with less time like we were at this location it's so important to know what your camera can do for you. Push your camera to the limit and know it inside out! . #blackdress #littleblackdress #allblack #greenry #vines #harshsun #sun #lighting #histogram #postproduction #ibatutorials #impressionsbyannuj #canon #canon5dmarkiii

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Be a gentleman. Kiss a girls hand from time to time! Honestly though I'd like to know what you girls think about this. Would you like it if your significant other greeted you like this from time to time? I'm going to do this to Tanya and see how it works out! Especially in front of randoms! 😁🎩 . Even though the sun was setting behind the trees it wasn't strong enough to light the couple from behind after I adjusted for the ambient light. So I used a flash at 1/4 power with a Magmod 1/4 cto gel! . #sunset #warm #backlight #kiss #kisshand #gentleman #trees #goldenhour #lighting #madewithmagmod #magmod #canon #canon5dmarkiii #IbAUniversity🎓 #impressionsbyannuj

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Check out more of their amazing photos on the social network handles.

Website –

Instagram – @impressionsbyannuj

Facebook – Impressions by Annuj

I may be greedy, but I also want ImpressionsbyAnnuj for my wedding! Can I have both EM and them? LOL!

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